watch+last+weeks+video.jpgWelcome! I’m Cara, I started doing makeup professionally at the age of 16. I took my first job doing makeup for a photo studio (knowing photography was a passion of mine). Growing up, my father was also a photographer and photography teacher so I was constantly exposed to it. Between home and at work, I picked it up in no time and began shooting the clients I did makeup on. Several years forward, I became the owner of the popular mall-based franchise photography studio I was working at! Over the next decade I continued to take over & open several locations. After a total of 16 years with Glamour Shots, half of my life, I have decided to branch out, and caralovello.com was born. Read more about my journey in the NY TIMES: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/05/10/style/glamour-shots-1990s.html